The following policy objectives are where we're heading.
Every Policy we introduce will be towards achieving a proper government and a free nation.

Upholding Individual Rights Regarding Economic Issues [ View ]
Upholding Individual Rights Regarding Issues of Personal Morality [ View ]
Upholding Individual Rights Regarding Issues of National - and - Self-Defence [ View ].

"SteppingStones" are the areas that we have identified as requiring immediate attention. Dismantling centuries of Government will be a long and difficult task, so it has to broken down into achievable steps that, in the long-term, will help to create a government that respects, upholds and protects individual rights.

Part of our ethos is to encourage Members to help create specific policies based on our Policy Objectives.

We have developed a proprietary online proposal system (called MAPS) that allows Members to propose, gain support for and ultimately have adopted as official Party Policy, their ideas on how to achieve our goals.

If any of this interests you and fits in with your political views join us as a Member and have your say too!