ABOUT IndividualFirst

Our philosophy for living informs our political principles.

We stand for reason, for individual rights, for limited Constitutional government, and for laissez-faire capitalism.

We uphold human life as the value which makes all other values possible — we hold sacred the inalienable right of each individual to his or her own life, mind, and the pursuit of his or her own happiness — and we recognise that:

Man's reasoning mind is the primary instrument by means of which to promote human life.

We oppose statism, dictatorship, and religious fanaticism in any and all forms because we oppose every type of coercive control over the freedom of the human mind.

We are, consequently, the only political party in the UK consistently dedicated to the flourishing of human life on earth. Every specific policy we promote, in every field, on every issue confronting the country, is, without exception, designed with two goals in mind:

Protecting the freedom of Man's mind.
Assuring the prospering of human life.

IndividualFirst - the politics of philosophy.
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Our fundamental political approach can be simply stated:

We consistently and universally uphold the moral-political principle of individual rights.

We categorically oppose any version or variation of statism, any social system that denies an individual's inalienable rights and subordinates his/her life to the state. On any issue, in every context, concerning all individuals, regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, and the like, we support an individual's right to his or her own life.

Rights are fact-based requirements of human life in a social setting, without which an individual cannot even survive, much less flourish, a truth tragically and repeatedly attested to by every murderous dictatorship on earth. Rights are not bestowed by the state, nor can it repeal them; the state exists solely to uphold them.

Rights are inalienable moral principles the protection of which forms the sole reason human beings require government.

We are the only contemporary political party in the UK consistently and unequivocally dedicated to implementing the moral-political vision that was first writ large with the founding of the United States of America.

We support an individual's inalienable rights in all arenas of life — in the realms of personal morality, of economics, of self-defence, and regarding any other issue that might confront us. The government of a free nation must fully respect and vigilantly protect every individual's freedom of speech, freedom of intellectual expression, and freedom of religion; equally so his or her right to own property, to earn profit, and to retain all wealth honestly earned; similarly, his or her inalienable right to bear arms and to deploy them, if necessary, in self-defence. An individual possesses inviolable sovereignty over both his or her own mind and body — and to the effort, the content, and the output of each.

We recognise that there are no rights in the absence of property rights; for if criminals or the government can seize a man's home, his food, his bank account, his wallet, or the like, then he is left no means to survive. All property must be owned privately, and the owner's right to its use and disposal must be stringently, unambiguously, and exceptionlessly protected by the government of a free society.

We unequivocally repudiate the notion, in any and all forms, of "group rights."

The claim that some collective based on class, race, gender, or so forth, has special rights not possessed by others pits pressure group against pressure group, exhorting government to violate the rights of one side in alleged "benefit" to the other. We recognise that in any struggle between classes, races, and the like, the individual is the one whose rights are inevitably violated. We recognise and emphasise that upholding the principle of individual rights is the sole means to end racism. When a human being is recognised to be first, foremost, and always an individual — not a member of a group, racial or otherwise — possessing the right to his or her life, possessing all the rights of an honest individual, only then can humanity definitively terminate racial bigotry in any and all of its hideous iterations.

To protect the right to life of all human individuals, we support a universal ban on the initiation of force, including on governments, as well as on private individuals. Physical coercion is to be employed solely in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use.

We uphold limited Constitutional government, whereby the government restrains private force initiators — criminals — and a written Constitution, unambiguously worded, stringently limits the government to an utterly retaliatory use of force.

We maintain that an individual right applies to action, not to outcome; to productive activity, not to goods or services; to the pursuit of happiness, not to its guarantee. We reject the idea that an individual has a "right" to food or housing or medical care or the like, for that ensures governmental initiation of force against innocent individuals to provide such things, thereby violating the right of producers to retain the product of their effort.

There can be no "right" to violate the rights of others. Rather, we assert that rights are never in conflict, for they involve the freedom of all individuals to honestly pursue, by their own effort or with the voluntary assistance of others, the values upon which their fulfilment and happiness depend.

A human life is an integrated whole — of personal morality and economic activity, education and career, love and finances, mind and body. Because of this, we recognise that dividing issues into neat categories of economics or personal morality or self-defence is — at best — inexact. Nevertheless, although any important policy will necessarily impact all aspects of human life, a specific policy may most affect one area more than others. With this in mind, we divide our policy recommendations into three broad classifications:

Upholding Individual Rights Regarding Economic Issues [ View ]
Upholding Individual Rights Regarding Issues of Personal Morality [ View ]
Upholding Individual Rights Regarding Issues of National - and - Self-Defence [ View ].

We strenuously maintain that the moral is the practical — and the immoral is the impractical. The morally right — the protection of individual rights in every arena and on all issues — leads, in every instance, to profoundly positive, life-enhancing results. Conversely, the abrogation of individual rights leads inevitably to pernicious, life-harming consequences.

There are no exceptions.

IndividualFirst - the politics of philosophy.
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Adopted with kind the permission of "The American Capitalist Party"